Oushak (Ushak) Beige Classic Cotton Wool Hand Woven Carpet 263x353
Oushak (Ushak) Beige Classic Cotton Wool Hand Woven Carpet 263x353

Oushak (Ushak) Beige Classic Cotton Wool Hand Woven Carpet 263x353

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Hand Woven Area Rug. Vintage rugs are produced from 30 - 70 years old traditional hand woven Turkish rugs. Carpet material is wool and cotton. Each one has been carefully selected, cleaned and washed. The original colors were neutralized and special washing techniques were used to change the original color tones of the rug.


Easily refresh your space with our machine-washable rugs. Simply throw them in the wash and be amazed as they come out looking brand new, retaining their vibrant colors with each wash (just remember to avoid bleach!).

Pet & Family Friendly, Hypoallergenic

Perfect for homes bustling with family members and pets, our products are designed with hypoallergenic materials. Embrace a worry-free environment where comfort meets health, ensuring a safe and welcoming space for everyone.


Choose sustainability with our eco-friendly, made-to-order rugs! By crafting each rug specifically for you, we significantly reduce waste, ensuring that your selection is not only unique to your space but also kind to the planet.

Made in Türkiye

Crafted with pride in Türkiye, our products embody the rich heritage and skilled craftsmanship of the region. Each piece is a testament to the meticulous attention to detail and quality that Turkish artisans are renowned for, bringing a touch of tradition and excellence to your home.

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